729, 730, whatever it takes

This story is beyond outrageous. And because of that, I'm sure the mainstream media will ignore it completely (and thank God that the Carpetbagger Report is on top of it), because it goes against the GOP's position that they support the troops more than the Dems do.

Over 1,000 members of the Minnesota National Guard came home from a tour of Iraq to find out that they're not eligible for the most complete educational benefits package available under the G.I. Bill. To be eligible for top benefits, you had to have served two full years in Iraq, or 730 days (for the C students like our president out there).
Anyone want to take a guess at how many days these Guardsmen had served? If you guessed 729, you're a complete cynic! Not surprisingly, you're also correct!
Is it just me, or does this sound like one of those things that corporations would do 50 years ago to their employees, laying them off weeks before their pensions were completely vested? Of course Army is going to "look into the matter", and I suppose Minnesota politicians will force this issue to be resolved quickly (especially Senator Norm Coleman, who isn't exactly having a banner year, and could ill afford negative publicity going into next year's race).
Of course, this can't be discussed for too long, we certainly wouldn't want this to draw attention away from arguing about MoveOn or Rush Limbaugh.

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