Dumbass of the Week: Phil Burress & his toadies

Yes, that Phil Burress, the guy who couldn't stop wanking to porn:
For 25 years, (Burress) says, his waking hours were dominated by the need to view pornography. It destroyed his ability to be a loving husband, cost him financially and kept him emotionally estranged from people who should have been close.
This twice-divorced monkey-spanker now wants everyone else to be bound by his idea of what is "moral."

Not surprisingly, he has, over the years, found sympathy from local Republicans and other "family-values" types. Remember Mike Allen, that Republican scumbag who was Hamilton County prosecutor? "I personally fully support their mission," he proclaimed speaking of Burress' organization Citizens for Community Values in December 2002. Only, in 2004, we found out this married hypocrite was banging lawyer Rebecca Collins on the side. I guess it's okay if you are Republican. (But, hey, at least he wasn't tapping his shoes in some airport bathroom stall!)

Last year, Phis Burress got the Ohio legislature to pass a sweeping piece of legislation regulating strip clubs and requiring them to close at midnight. (Because, you know, all the icky stuff happens right between midnight and closing time.) Instead of focusing on the economy, the job-market, education, or any number of other important issues, legislators spurred on by Burress were debating how many inches of distance there should be between a dancer and a customer.

Last month, Citizens for Community Standards filed a petition to block Ohio's stripper law from taking effect. But it looks like they didn't have enough valid signatures.

Whichever way this turns out, one thing is undeniable. Phil Burress and his ilk are dangerous to the people of Ohio. They want to control what you see on TV, what you watch for entertainment and even what you think. Just because Phil Burress couldn't stop wanking to porn, he thinks no one else should ever have access to any adult entertainment. What a dumbass!

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