New Favorite Drink

Habanero Margarita! I just spent a long weekend in Asheville NC and had a fantastic drink at Salsas Restaurant. It was freezing outside, so I took a walk as I waited for my table, I came back to the resturant to find I was next up for a table. As I was waiting to be seated I was hanging out in the incrediably small area around the bar, waiting for my table. Two locals squeezed up next to me and asked for a habenero margarita. I asked about the drink and they offered me a taste of theirs, I declined since I have no idea WHO THEY ARE, and rarely share with my own husband, let alone with a perfect stranger. I love spicy, and I have been known to drink a margarita, but you probably have only seen me drink Sierra Nevada, but when in Rome, I do as the Romans.

Long Story Short I fell in love with Habenero Margaritas. I confiscated one of the menus, which elaborated on the ingredients of the drink and when I got home I headed over to The Party Source, to find the ingredients and advice.

I eventually found TJ who gave me the confidence to make the drink myself and hooked me up with another drink, which I won't discuss here.

So here is how I made the margarita:

1) Infuse 2 ounces of fresh squeezed lime juice, with 1 - (2) tsp of sugar and habeneros*. I let it steep for an hour or two.

2) Remove habeneros from the mix, and place in a mixing glass, add ice, then 2 1/2 onces of Sauza tequila extra gold, 1/2 oz of 43 Licor.

3) Shake

4) Pour into a salt rimmed glass and float the top of the habenero on drink.

It's so good. This will be the official margarita of the next guac off, and it will probably supercede kamikazes at porch sitting for a few weeks.

* I used one habenero per drink, and cut the pepper in half and removed the seeds.

If you want to make it yourself, you can try mine.

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