Simple way to win in Iraq: Bumper stickers

That's what the wingnuts are proposing. A certain freeper wants to use bumper stickers for "victory in Iraq," and all the other freepers are jumping in with suggestions.

Yep, that's how we win in Iraq. Paste a few bumper stickers on cars here, the Democrats (who are after all agents and spies working for the Iraqi insurgents) will read these, lose any hope, and tell their masters in the Iraqi insurgency to stop fighting the Americans and throw flower petals instead of grenades at US servicemen. And all of a sudden we'll have peace in Iraq. See, it's a perfectly awesome plan!

The freeper says, with absolutely no sense of irony:
We need to create BS "slogans" that our targets will go "hmmm" at.
BS slogans, indeed. Some of the BS slogans suggested by other freepers include:
Nuke Mecca! Today! No really!
Islam is the Problem
Not George Bush
America Will Stay!
Vote Democrat-You’ll Look GREAT In A Burqa!
Democrats ask terrorists to help them get reelected!
Hey Allah!
To our Beloved troops
You Kill The Enemy and we will kill the mainstream media

Victory, here we come!

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