Random pop culture and sports thread

Ripped from page 22:
  • I know that shows like Family Guy and 30 Rock have alluded to this, but when exactly did it become accepted fact that Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster are gay? Either they came out when I wasn't looking, or OUT Magazine has some 'splaining to do.
  • I can say with 100% certainty that this child will turn out to be domineering, irritable, lacking personality, and have a fondness for short-sleeved white shirts with either boring ties or gray sweater vests.
  • Take a look at this story about a disruption of service claim levied by the sports website The Big Lead against ESPN, realize that it has legal merit and charges may follow, and then explain to me why this Laura Ingraham stunt hasn't been investigated further?
  • I couldn't make this up: Colorado Rockies pitcher Manuel Corpas. Nickname: "Habeus".
  • Rumor is that LC from The Hills may have a "secret videotape" lying somewhere in the hands of questionable fellows. Nothing newsworthy, I just find it fun to discuss.

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