The Associated Press - Dead to Me

The Associated Press is supposed to be an impartial and reliable source of information (you know, like Fox News) that newspapers can rely upon for stories to fill their publications with. But as we've seen recently, AP reporters have put together stories that have been slanted at best, and at their worst completely inaccurate. Here's a few recent examples.

John Solomon has been a repeat offender, as has been documented well over at He has made several attempts to smear Harry Reid,the most recent of which is going after him on a land deal that is, at best, no worse than a minor technical issue. Basically he's claiming that Reid made a huge chunk of change on a sale of land that he hadn't owned in three years. Never mind that Reid did own the land, it had just been moved into a partnership. His reporting is just filled with factual inaccuracies; check out the link above for better reporting than I can provide.
Then there's Andy Miga, who has been covering the race for the Connecticut seat in the U.S. Senate. You'd think he'd be putting together hard news stories; instead he's been writing up pieces that can only be described as Lieberman-friendly ones. Now Matt Stoller at reports that Miga is not even present at Lamont policy speeches. Solid reporting.

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