Uh ohhh, part 3

Well our old friend Mike DeWine is in his own boiling kettle now too. I haven't seen his new ad, but apparently in the ad there's a three-second image of a soldier in uniform. The problem is that it's against military regulations for uniformed personnel to appear at political events or in political advertisements.

Questions that arise from this:
  1. Is the person in the ad a real soldier?
  2. If he is, was the soldier aware of the military regulation?
  3. If not, why did the DeWine campaign not inform him of this, or if they did not know about the regulation (which I highly doubt), are they going to take the fall for the soldier?

Diligent followers of the blogs may remember that Colorado Representative Marilyn Musgrave pulled the same sort of trick months ago, only in that case she had military personnel speak on her behalf at a fundraiser while in uniform. The Democrats' silence on the issue was deafening. I have my own theories about why the Dems let it go, what are yours?

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