Turn On Your TV - Wednesday

For your hump day, here’s some pieces of mindless TV to get you motivated for the weekend:

Deal or No Deal, NBC, 8:00 – There’s really no way to describe this show, other than mind-numbingly enthralling. I get a kick out of watching the contestants make decisions that are mathematically idiotic, yet somehow still overcome them to win insane amounts of cash. Trust me, you’ll love it, and when 9:00 hits you’ll kick yourself for wasting that hour.

American Idol results show, FOX, 9:00 – No real reason to add this here other than to say, for the males that tuned in because of these posts and caught Katharine’s dress in the first segment, you’re welcome.

My Super Sweet 16, MTV, 10:00 – The set up is the same every week. Some ridiculously spoiled 15 year old kid gets their parents to throw them an inappropriately outrageous sweet 16 party, and MTV documents the events leading up to the party. You will honestly be embarrassed to be a member of the human race when the show ends. But if you’re a parent, this show will be a cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t use the word NO with your kids.

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