Ohh heeeerrrre we go...

Thanks to Erik Kuselias on ESPN Radio's Sports Bash, I learned about the latest fiasco at Baylor University. It turns out that the BU administration has sent out an e-mail to all of its students, warning them that posing for Playboy magazine could result in disciplinary action, including expulsion.

This is an extremely dicey situation that could really explode into something much bigger. Essentially they're saying that they can kick you out of school for participating in a completely legal activity, just because they don't approve of it. I wonder if they'll expel anyone that reads Playboy? Looks at it?

Let's take it a step further; what if they don't approve of your lifestyle in general? If you're gay, can they kick you out? What if you're co-habitating with your boy(girl)friend? How about if you had an abortion? I find it very hard to justify this kind of action.

Oh, and if I was Baylor, I think I would spend more time figuring out how to get their athletes to stop killing each other. Just a thought.

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