Maria Ferro Interview

Maria Ferro is running for the Democratic Party State Central Committee in the 7th Senate District. This is roughly Warren County and the Eastern Edge of Hamilton County. She is pictured here with Chris Redfern ODP Chair.

What’s your favorite drink?
MF: After a little thought she said Cosmopolitan.

What exactly is the central committee?
The official definition of the Central Committee is:
To coordinate party affairs throughout the state; to arrange for the state convention; to formulate party platform; to determine what candidates shall have party support. The State Central Committees sees to the general welfare and administration of the party and raises its funds. Major political parties are required to have a State Central Committee made up of one man and one woman from each state senatorial district in the state, elected at the primary in even-number years.

MF: It consists of roughly 138 people. 66 are elected; one man and one women from each senate district. The rest are appointed.

Who can vote for you?
MF: Any one who pulls a democratic ballot.

So it can be someone who decides to vote Democratic for the first time this election?
MF: Yes

This is a volunteer position right?
MF: Yes

How often do they meet?
MF: Every two months roughly.

Why are you running?
MF: I basically have been working on elections for the past 5 years in Anderson and I know the precincts and polling locations like the back of my hand I have a lot of experience organizing the Anderson/ Newtown club. I can share that experience with other communities in the district and help grow the democratic base.

What will you bring to the table that your opponent won’t?
MF: Experience in today’s democratic party. For the last five years I have been active in working on campaigns in the district and I know what is happening now. I’m in touch with the current voting trends and demands that the district will face.

How did you get involved in politics?
MF: I’ve always been interested in Government, but for many years I was on the sidelines watching. I started working for Gore in 2000. From that experience my husband and decided to the start the Anderson ward club back-up. It had been dormant for a number of years. We met for the first time in January 2001. We have been working on building the infrastructure and the promoting the club and have been able to be one of the largest democratic clubs in Southwest Ohio.

There are a lot of Subodh Chandra supporters and past Paul Hackett supporters in S.W. Ohio who feel disenfranchised by the party what would you say to them?
MF: I can’t speak to the Hackett issue, but I can speak directly to the Chandra issue. I was at the state central committee were the endorsements were made. Tim Burke represents SW Ohio, he stood up and said that Subodh is well liked in SW Ohio and has support and he didn’t feel like an endorsement of Dan was necessary.

She continued with “We don’t have to agree with Columbus on every issue.”
Ferro feels like the party leadership has a role in deciding who will do better in the general against the Republican opponent in the general election. She compared it to a CEO who makes decisions with information that you may not have. You have to trust that the CEO to make the right decisions for the company.

Todd Portune, Tim Burke, Paul Hackett, Chris Redfern and the Cincinnati UAW-CAP Council, about 80 other individuals support Maria Ferro.

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