Turn On Your TV - Tuesday

Ok, tonight is the one night that you should be turning off your TV and joining us out at The Comet for our weekly gathering. But, if you must stay home…

American Idol, FOX, 8:00 – Tonight it’s love songs, nothing but love songs (and Kelly and Katharine can sing me loves songs any day of the week).

The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, 8:30 – A repeat of last night’s show, with the disgusting and vile Hugh Hewitt as his guest (I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure he made Hugh look like a complete fool).

Boston Legal, ABC, 10:00 – I don’t watch the show, but Shatner shoots someone, you can’t beat that. Unless you watch…

So NoTORIous, VH1, 10:30 – A new episode of the self-deprecating show starring Tori Spelling. It might be the most surprisingly enjoyable show I’ve seen in a long time, even though it does include a rapidly declining Loni Anderson.

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