Turn On Your TV - Monday

Ok, so this week is turn off your TV week. Sure, you’re supposed to hit the off button, go read a book, spend time with your kids, and enjoy the good weather.

But who wants to do that? Your eyes get tired, the kids go to sleep, and there’s mosquitoes outside. So for those of you that need to feed the beast, this week I will recommend a few shows to catch on the tube.

24, FOX, 9:00 – Jack tries to recapture the recording that proves that President Logan conspired to kill former President Palmer, Audrey’s packing heat, Chloe will screw something up, and the Secretary of Defense is told to resign (see, you get on TV what you can’t get in real life)…best show on television bar none.

Denver at L.A. Clippers (NBA Playoffs), TNT, 10:30 – The Clippers ought to be a liberal’s favorite hoops team. They haven’t won a playoff series in 30 years, got kicked around for seasons on end, and now everything’s come together for them and they’re back in the playoffs. Plus the Carmelo Anthony/Quentin Ross matchup is probably going to lead to a brawl in the next couple games, and that’s fun too. And Sam Cassell looks like E.T. - again, you can't get that in a book.

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