Workin for the weekend - #1 Crush

Let's go back to our childhoods for this week's fun topic. Whether we want to admit it or not, tv shows and movies shaped our malleable little minds in our younger days. They also gave us our first experience with 'completely unattainable members of the opposite sex'. But since we were younger then and didn't know any better, who was your childhood crush? You know, the boy you hoped you'd see more pictures of in the new Tiger Beat, or the girl whose poster you couldn't get up on the wall fast enough.

At various times, mine included:
  • Alyssa Milano on Who's The Boss
  • Jami Gertz on Square Pegs (for the record, I'd still take her today over Sarah Jessica Parker)
  • Allison Smith on Kate & Allie
  • Molly Ringwald in anything

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