3 years later...

With the 3 rd anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq approaching, I thought this would be a good time to revisit the arrogance and condescension that was all over the media following the "spectacular" victory of the fall of Baghdad.

Remember all of your conservative, moderate, even liberal co-workers telling you what a fool you had been for warning against this preemptive war? The media and talking heads were telling us that we should be ashamed of having questioned the wisdom of this brilliant military exercise. All of that turned out to be premature at best, and historically, disastrously wrong at worst.

We're not asking for apologies, nor for thumbs up for having had the foresight and vision to understand that this was not going to be the cakewalk everyone predicted. No, not at all. What I do want is for all these lemmings to learn from this experience. But, sadly we have no reason to believe that that will occur. The neocons learned the wrong lesson from Vietnam and blamed the anti-war movement. They felt that they could use blustering, bellicose rhetoric to make a case for war.

Sadly, this worked. Exploiting exaggerated fears of "terrists" , they were able to scare the American public into supporting an adventurous campaign that was designed with geo-political concerns in mind.

More on this later...

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