Hocking a Kaloogian

Very curious story that's been circling through the blogosphere the past 24 hours concerning one of the candidates for Duke Cunningham's vacated congressional seat. Basically, one of the two leading Republican candidates, Howard Kaloogian, posted a picture on his website of his visit to Iraq. One problem though: the picture isn't of Iraq; it's a busy street in Turkey. Talking Points Memo gives plenty of detail (the first post is at 11:10 last night).

Here's the big question out of all of this:
Can you imagine the uproar if a Democrat pulled this kind of stunt? Every news outlet in the country would have been reporting it, and Wolf and Chris Matthews would bring on the Republican media army to listen to them spout off on how this is indicative of the degenerate, lying nature of the left.

I haven't heard peep one about this other than the progressive blogs. Why the DNC isn't jumping on this and screaming to anyone that will listen about this is beyond me. It'd be nice to see them take the bull by the horns, for once.

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