More site changes

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

Or so they say. But "they" are wrong! "They" don't know Jack. Or Ritchie.

More changes this time. I have:

1) Pared down the font sizes.
2) Added horizantal rules between days of posts.
3) Changed some of the spacings.

All this to try and fit in more text and to make things looks a little prettier. But then, one man's pretty is, well, another man's shitty. So, let me know if anything looks weird, out of proportion, or otherwise fugly.

Oh, I've added a link to the Comet web-site in the description bar, and a link to Google maps.

Lastly, I've added links to BorgBlog (thanks, Another Dem!) and Maggie Downs' article on DL in the Enquirer (thanks, Zack!).

Please keep the links and ideas coming. By the way, those who buy me a beer get their links posted much faster. Plus, you'll get a free autographed photograph of yours truly from the 2005 December issue of What A Stud.

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