The Wes Flinn Honorary review of an Enquirer letter to the editor

Mr. Arthur Smith is a perfect example of the knee-jerk reactionaries we have to deal with on the right.

Never mind that the President authorized wiretaps without a warrant, not only breaking the law, but circumventing the Constitution. We shouldn't be looking into the legality of his actions, but rather we should go after whomever leaked this information to the New York Times. It makes one wonder whether he feels the same actions should be taken to uncover the leaker in the Valerie Plame incident. After all, that leaker compromised a CIA agent's identity; the leaker to the NYT simply pointed out an illegal activity that was going on. I doubt this is the case though.

He is right on one thing though: we should go after the NYT. And we should ask them why they sat on this story for a year, and whether this story was set to run prior to the 2004 presidential election? It's always funny how the right harps on the Times as this liberal bastion of journalism, but fails to acknowledge that they endorsed Bush, endorsed the Iraq war, and now allowed this administration to bully them into holding off on publishing this damaging story.

But they'll never answer to us, because they won't even respond to questions from their own ombudsman.

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