Drinking Liberally - 1/3/06

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable New Year's Eve (and have recovered from any ensuing hangovers). So now that all of the festivities are behind us, please come out to The Comet at 4579 Hamilton Road on Tuesday, and try out one of their monster burritos or sample their extensive beer collection. We'll start up about 7:30, and end when the last of us decides to leave. Some thoughts and topics for this week:
  • Have you checked your phone for wiretaps, and if you've found one who are you calling to have some fun with it?
  • Why is Bob McEwan referring to himself as Congressman (remember, he's probably going to replace Schmidt as the Republican nominee for that district in November)?
  • What are realistic Democratic hopes for 2006, and how do we get there?
  • Pre-Heaven and Hell Party discussion (thrown by the Know Theatre, not by Barack Obama and Tom DeLay)
  • Random topic: thoughts on the Rose Bowl and the Bengals playoff game?

Hope to see you all there on Tuesday.

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