Drinking Liberally - 1/24/06

Greetings all,

We had an excellent turnout last week, including some new faces that we hope become more familiar (that's what we like, return customers). And this week gives us many topics to discuss and generally rant about, so come on down and join the discussion. As always, we will meet at The Comet at 4579 Hamilton Road on Tuesday, January 24th. We'll get started at 7:30, and who knows where the evening will take us. If you haven't been to The Comet before, you're missing out on one of Cincinnati's best small bars. They've got several refrigerators full of beer, and burritos and quesadillas so tasty you'd offend entire segments of America to get your hands on them.

Not sure what to talk about on Tuesday? Here's some ideas:

  • Where have you hidden the photos that show you meeting with indicted lobbyists?
  • Now that CNN has hired multiple arch-conservatives, and Chris Matthews has clearly gone off the deep end, where will you get your national news from?
  • Would you like to run for the Ohio state congress?
  • Are you excited for the ceremonial groundbreaking on The Banks, even though there's still no plan for what's going there?
  • Random thought: in a primary, which TV president would you vote for, 24's David Palmer or The West Wing's Jed Bartlet? And would you have any doubt that either would be more equipped for the job than Bush?

We hope to see you all down at The Comet on Tuesday.

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