Wanted: A viable democratic candidate for District 34

Only three weeks left to apply, this one won't last. Work just 3 days a week with Summers off!
Represent 110,000 of your neighbors in the State General Assembly! Write and pass laws, how cool is that?

This district has lacked good reperesentation for over 5 years, maybe longer. It's time for a change! It wouldn't be too hard to impress your constituents, considering the current rep is responsible for; the concealed carry law, and the current House Bill under consideration that is set to trigger reconsideration of Roe v. Wade. (If you write or sponsor a bill that is illegal, you should be held accountable in a court of law.)

Duties & Responsibilities: State representatives listen to the concerns of their constituents and speak for them. They develop solutions to the needs of their districts through legislative action.

Qualifications: Minimum members of the House must be U.S. Citizens, must reside in the district for at least one year before election day, must not hold another state, federal or local public office while serving in the House.

The idea candidate would be action oriented, honest, intelligent, inspiring, and someone people can look up to, pro-choice, and want to protect the rights of all Ohioans! Candidate should have a spotless background, Oh, and to be electable you should have all of the above and be charismatic and personable and able to raise campaign money without compromising your ethics.

A neophyte politician would be a good change of pace, considering that the democratic candidates of the past have been lack-luster. Desired candidate is willing to protect the core democratic values, and can appeal to conservative voters who want change.

Residency Requirement: Must be a resident of the district, have resided in the district for one year preceding the election and be a registered elector (voter).

Compensation: Fifty-one thousand six hundred seventy-four dollars a year. Travel reimbursement per mile each way, no more than once a week. Medical Insurance.

If elected you will serve a two year term with the possibility of serving 8 years total. All applications must be received by The Hamilton County Board of Elections by February 16th.

Your first campaign event can be at Drinking Liberally. Life is short; make a difference now!

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