Jack 2000!

Some magazine called Texas Monthly (subscription required) has a piece on Red strategist Matthew Dowd. Apparently Dowd and his cronies can determine whether you are Dem or Repub based on your purchasing habits (182 data points to be exact). Some of this stuff seems off the wall, but this one is a head scratcher:

The TV show "Will & Grace," for example, which centers on the lives of a gay man and a straight woman, leans heavily Republican. It's the Republican women who are watching it.

Hmmmm. Any thoughts on why this is? I'll start: Republican women secretly lust for Will and Jack because their Republican husbands suck in bed; Democratic women feel no such need because us Blue men got skillz. Feel free to opine further.

(all above info courtesy of Washington Monthly, except the speculation on Republican wee-wees, that's all mine)

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