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Update 3: The "Read More" link won't show in the Preview window, but will show when you publish your post.

Update 2: All right, it's all good! Go for it.

Update: On second thoughts, hold on for a little bit longer. I've found that this messes a bit with the color scheme. Let me fix that and I'll post a second update in a bit. Ugh!

Original post:
I've been experimenting a bit with expandable posts. When writing long posts, these will let you present a teaser paragraph and a link to the rest of the post. To find out how to do this, click on the "Read More" link below!

It's actually pretty simple.

1) In the window where you are composing your post, you'll see a field called "Link" (just below the "Title" field). Type YES in the "Link" field.

2) Now, write your first couple of lines as usual, then enclose the "hidden" part of your post (the part that you want visible when one clicks on the "Read More" link) in the span HTML tag. Here's an example:

Here's the first line of my long post.
<span class="fullpost"> Here's the part that's supposed to be visible upon clicking the "Read More" link. </span>

And that's it!

Holla' at me if you have questions or problems.

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