This week in beer

Since we're a drinking group, it's only fitting that we should be following the doings in the alcohol world. And last week there were a couple interesting stories about the state of large (and smaller) breweries.

First, last week The Atlantic noted that sales of Bud Light and Miller Lite were down significantly last year, while sales of wine and "spirits" rose slightly. The article noted that people were looking to drink something more innovative or creative, which the big pilsners are sorely lacking in, or were saving their money to purchase smaller craft beers.

One of the breweries that they're buying from - Samuel Adams - is growing so fast that they're on the verge of no longer being considered a craft brewery, which is defined by sales of less than 2 million barrels per year. This could not only affect their status as a small brewer in the beer community, but could also make them ineligible to enjoy the lower excise tax per barrel sold that they currently enjoy. However, that looks like it will not be a problem, as Congress is moving on a bill that would raise the threshold to 6 million barrels.

Meanwhile, if you're into the World Cup, you might want to check out Slashfood's World Cup of beers. I have to confess, I've never heard of most of them, but it's a fun little exercise.

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Chris Flowers said...

A good DL project for us would be to drink through every beer on the World Cup of beers list. We should get Fries in on this! ;)