Driving to Dayton will never be the same... farewell Touchdown Jesus

Last night, the statue affectionately called Touchdown Jesus or Big Butter Jesus was struct by lightning and burned to the ground leaving nothing but the glowing steel frame. The name of the church that owns that statue would have lead you to believe that the statue was made of "Solid Rock" but actually it was a mix of wood and Styrofoam.

I think this picture needs a caption. Cyborg Jesus? Stick Figure Jesus? What do you think. Post your caption in the comments.

If you want to see how Styrofoam and wood can burn here is amateur video posted on youtube caught the blaze as it was happening.

Somehow now, the Monroe exit on I-75 has lost a little bit of its charm. No longer do you have the roadside hat-trick of Touchdown Jesus, Traders World, and the Hustler store. Instead, when we need to travel between Dayton and Cincinnati, we'll be left to look at endless stretches of retail, urban sprawl, and the brief stretch of farms.

So as we mourn the loss of this tri-state landmark, lets look back at the fun times we had at Touch-down Jesus's expense. At this moment I can think of no better time to watch Heywood Bank's tribute to this statue.

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