It's all come 360 now

Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist, published in the Enquirer, that writes about things like "family values" and typical right-wing soccer mom topics.

Kathleen Parker once wrote a column defending intelligent design that was so mind-numbingly stupid that I spent almost 600 words ripping it to shreds.

Kathleen Parker called on Sarah Palin to step down as the VP candidate, because she was out of her league. For that, she was excoriated by the right, to the point that Red State inducted her as the initial target of something they called Operation Leper (apparently something to demonize those who veered 1% from party orthodoxy).

Kathleen Parker penned a pretty solid, though hardly 100% agreeable, column this week, arguing that the items in the so-called purity checklist being considered by the RNC "aren't so much statements of principe as [they are] dogmatic responses to complex issues that...require more than a Sharpie check in a square", and laments the GOP's equation of nuance with indecisiveness and a lack of leadership skills.

Kathleen Parker has become one of the reasonable thinkers of the right.

Dear FSM, we're so screwed.

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