Right-wingers need to find better causes to rally around

I was not aware that Miss California USA Carrie Prejean (she of the Miss USA gay marriage question) had become some sort of right-wing icon recently, but apparently she has. Or at least was, according to Hot Air. Since she lost her state crown because she didn't live up to the terms of her contract, now the wingers are all bummed out.

I’m tempted to say we got suckered here, but if she was trying to get fired all along, the time to do it would have been last month when she could still claim political martyrdom. Instead she got bagged for insubordination.
Poor Allahpundit. He and his wingnut buds wanted so badly to get behind her, because they know that they can turn things around if they just get some hot chicks to promote their cause.

For the record, I really don't have a problem with Prejean saying she disapproves of gay marriage. I disagree strongly with it, but she's entitled to give her opinion freely. I blame the pageant for asking her a question that was inherently going to upset 50% of the country no matter what.

But, it serves the conservative movement right that they tried to make someone their new hero, without having the faintest clue who she was. As John Cole so eloquently put it, "[a]t some point they are going to realize that making random crazy people the face of “teh movement” is a bad idea. See also, Joe the Plumber." And now Prejean is free to do whatever she feels, and perhaps O'Reilly can have her on so he can attempt to top his "negligee situation" interview with Miss New Jersey a couple years back.

Sadly, sponsors are already pulling out of next year's pageant because of this. That's not a good thing, since the American Cartographers Council ended their association with them after this incident:

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