Denial isn't just a river in's a river in Alaska

The Washington Times has the whole problem of getting the GOP back on track all figured out. First, from an op-ed written by South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, where he lays out some of the principles that he believes should guide the party:

"I believe Republicans and conservatives must agree on our core principles...while I believe there should always be a big GOP tent, there must also be a shared agreement on the essentials — including expanding liberty, encouraging entrepreneurship and limiting the reach of government in people’s everyday lives...the tent cannot be so big as to include political franchisees who don’t act on the core tenets of conservatism — and as a consequence harm the brand and undermine others’ work on it."

And then there's this analysis from Andrew Breitbart:

"The future of the Grand Old Party needs to be dangerously youthful, devastatingly attractive and outrageously fun...let's elect to higher office some good-looking, freedom-loving Net Generation babes...[w]ith the economy in the pits, the young, the restless and unapologetically handsome should use their looks, vigor and Internet knowledge to wrest away elective office from joyless bureaucrats...

Untested bodacious waitresses who can espouse the virtues of limited government, lower taxes and a strong national defense would serve our country with greater distinction...[i]magine overtly attractive candidates marching door-to-door asking for your vote. You'd invite them in to deliver their pitch, right?...Sure, a lot of our newly elected officials may not be completely up to speed on the issues, but once elected, they'll have close to three months to cram. That's almost a full semester - enough time to get the gist of the Constitution. Leave the details for the staffers."

So, basically, give us young hot women beholden to the republican ideology? Never mind their intelligence, they'll just learn as they go along? Can we just call it 'Palin - The Next Generation'?

If this is what passes as repackaging of the brand, then all I can say is...awwweeeesommmeeee!

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