A Prayer I Can Believe In

Via Mike Krawchuk from Terry Labach's Quotation of the Day comes The Beer Prayer:

Well, I pray for the miner that digs the metal
that makes the kegs and the caps for the bottles
that are taken to the place
where they bring the ingredients
grown in the mountains of beautiful Bavaria
and brewed in the kettles till they reach perfection
and taken by the wonderful magnificent distributor
and loaded on a truck by a guy with a forklift
driven to the taverns and the clubs and the bars
where the taps are pulled by the sacred bartender
living on tips while the waitress carries
that glistening golden glass through the crowd
and thinking about her final exam she lowers it gently
dripping down in diaphanous light to the table in front of me and

I like having a thumb that's opposable
I like having a mouth and ears
I like the pirates who are sailing on the ocean and
I like the people who bring me beer

- Bill Clapham and Dinty Child, the "Beer Prayer" from their song Beer Town, as recorded by Session Americana.

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