Cheney, still a Dick

Buried in this article concerning Obama's involvement in the Middle East peace process:

The Obama transition team also helped persuade Israel to end the bombing of Gaza and to withdraw its ground troops before the Inauguration. According to the former senior intelligence official, who has access to sensitive information, “Cheney began getting messages from the Israelis about pressure from Obama” when he was President-elect. Cheney, who worked closely with the Israeli leadership in the lead-up to the Gaza war, portrayed Obama to the Israelis as a “pro-Palestinian,” who would not support their efforts (and, in private, disparaged Obama, referring to him at one point as someone who would “never make it in the major leagues”).
Nice to know that the outgoing administration was so focused on making the transition as smooth as possible, and not playing partisan games that might inflame an already delicate situation in a tumultuous region of the world.

What a Cheney.

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BrentBillock said...

Looks like his assessment of Obama's political future was as spot-on as his Iraq strategy.

Or his theories on the relative efficacy of various interrogation methods.