Fuck all you scientists, I'm cold, so there's no global warming!

Leave it to a former football coach to set us all straight on global warming. Lou Holtz, former college football coach (most prominently at Notre Dame) and general douchebag, went on the Sean Hannity circle jerk that replaced Hannity & Colmes last night, and said that there's no way there could be global warming because...well he was cold on the walk over.

How silly of us. A dumbfuck that doesn't know when it's too cold for a 71 year old man to be out without a coat on, somehow decided that global warming doesn't exist because it's chilly. Of course, if you were to mention to him that the forecast for each of the next four days is over 60 degrees, that wouldn't outweigh his fragile, cold bones.

Granted, I wouldn't expect much more from a coach that quit before the end of his first professional coaching season because it was too tough for him, or a broadcaster that's so bad that schools begged him not to feature their team in his weekly "pep talks" because it became such a jinx. And then there's the whole comparing a team's coach to Hitler, and giving a half-assed non-apology afterwards. But still...


Jeff said...

Oh really... Is that what ALL the 'scientists' say?

Dude, you need to read a little more.

jk said...

Gee, Jeff, I read Science and Nature every week and keep up with all the other science sites on the net.

Last I heard, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change consensus was that Anthropogenic Climate Change is a reality. (That's human-caused, by the way.)

What does your panel of scientists representing every nation in world (including Switzerland) say?

Rev. Ritchie Blackmore said...

Well, Jeff, you need to stop watching Fox News, and maybe read a book or something.