Sneaking around in plain sight

It seems to be conventional wisdom now that New Hampshire republican senator Judd Gregg will be offered the secretary of commerce position that Bill Richardson had to remove his name from consideration for. Conventional wisdom also is saying that Gregg will only do this if he is replaced by a republican senator, which is at the N.H. governor's discretion.

My favorite line in the whole episode, however, has come from Arizona senator Jon Kyl:

Minority Whip Jon Kyl , R-Ariz., said he had not heard of Gregg being considered for Commerce but joked that it would be “a pretty sneaky, sneaky move to get a really good person as Commerce secretary and put us in a bind politically.”
Sneaky? How exactly is a move that is done in public - one that has been publicly rumored for days - something that is sneaky? Methinks the senator is getting just a tad bit nervous over his party's dwindling influence on the hill.