When elections and Christmas clash

See the sign above? This is from the roof of Joe Athas, of New Port Richey, Florida.

It seems that Mr. Athas painted the message "Obama and Joe, the men" (not exactly the most exciting slogan, but what the hell) on his rooftop during the election season. But, since it's probably pretty difficult to get the paint off, and he needed something to enhance his holiday spirit, he decided to incorporate that into his Christmas decoration.

Unfortunately, the Pasco County law enforcement didn't see it as part of the holiday display, but rather as a political sign. And, since it's illegal to post election signs more than 15 days past the election, Mr. Athas would be subject to an $80 fine.

Now, there's no word on whether the county would have taken the same stance had it said something like "McCain and Palin - more batshit crazy than the other". After all, McCain did carry the county 51-47.

Regardless, the county ought to lighten up. They could have this guy in the area instead:

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