Maverick, my ass

I get truly pissed off when I hear intelligent people refer to John McCain as a maverick. This myth has been perpetrated by his base, the mainstream media. Listen, John McCain is not a maverick. If he were, he wouldn't be sucking up to likes of that thrice-married monkey-spanker, Phil Burress. He sucked up enough for Phil Burress to go from
"We don’t like him and he doesn’t like us"
to this
"It was so refreshing to me because he was so different than any other politician that I have ever met," describes Burress. He says McCain is not swayed like other politicians.

"...[I] don’t care whether you threaten this man, whether you offer him money, however you try to approach him -- [whatever] sways most politicians, he won’t have any of it," said Burress. "He believes what he believes and his mind can be changed if you have the facts..."
McCain is not a maverick. He's just another slimy Republican who will kiss ass if it gets him a vote, even if that ass belongs to a homophobic bigot like porn-addict Phil Burress.

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