Coattails extend to Ohio?

While driving home late last night, I flipped on the Washington Post Politics program on XM POTUS. The primary guest was Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), who is the chairperson of the DCCC.

After talking up the many advantages that the Democrats have over republicans going into the 2008 election, the conversation turned to how the presidential race could affect the down-ticket races, specifically U.S. Representatives. The question was asked, outside of Illinois races (where obviously there would be a tremendous coattail effect), which Demcoratic challenger could most benefit from an Obama candidacy?

Van Hollen's answer? Steve Driehaus. Based on the high African-American population in the Ohio 1st, as well as the relative unpopularity of Steve Chabot, this seems to be a prime pickup target for the Dems in 2008.

You can hear the whole podcast by clicking through on this link. It's a very interesting program, and Chris Cilizza is an excellent interviewer and knows more about the races than any human should.

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