Drinking Liberally District Two - 4/8/08

Hi all,

I'm sure you're all at home tonight, pondering the differences between the two top contenders for the most coveted post in the country. One is the establishment member, one is the underdog outsider. One is conventional, one is unconventional. That's right: Kansas and Memphis in the NCAA national championship game!!

But seriously, once you've gotten your fill of watching teams from two red states playing tonight, make sure you come out tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 8th) to The Pub at Rookwood Mews, on 2692 Madison Road in Rookwood Pavillion, for our weekly get-together to discuss politics and all things liberal. We'll be there in the patio area (I don't know if it will be open-air or enclosed, but it's always comfortable either way, and the fish & chips and beer taste fantastic).

Hope to see you all out at The Pub tomorrow night!

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