The Fall Classic

Because a good liberal should care about the baseball playoffs, here's one man's thoughts on the postseason:

Rockies vs. Phillies - Philadelphia has four of the five best position players in the series. They've got the best starting pitcher. They're deeper. Colorado's starting rotation is maybe the worst in playoff history. There's no earthly reason why anyone should pick the Rockies.

Phillies' closer Brett Myers is a wife-beating douchebag.

Pick: Rockies in 5

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks - I'm just not buying the Cubbie love this year. Outside of Alfonso Soriano, they're a mess in the outfield. Carlos Zambrano is still a headcase. And I don't feel confident at all in Ryan Dempster closing out games, that's good for at least one loss right there. Arizona has the best starting pitching in the NL. It's going to be too much for Chicago.

Oh, and they're the Cubs, they're supposed to lose, it's what they do.

Pick: D'Backs in 4

Indians vs. Yankees - Maybe I'm the only one in the world that realizes that you can't win in the playoffs without a solid bullpen. And maybe I'm the only one that remembers what a complete cluster the Yanks 'pen is. And maybe I'm the only one that doesn't think that Cleveland starter Fausto Carmona isn't going to have an emotional meltdown.

I'm probably crazy, but...

Pick: Indians in 4

Red Sox vs. Angels - I have no earthly idea idea how this is going to play out. Both teams are strong in their rotation, both have very good bullpens (Angels probably a little better). Boston has more power, but the Angels have more speed and move runners along better.

Based on recent results, I'll say...

Pick: Angels in 5

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