Blast from the past

You remember HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, right? Sure you do. He's the guy we profiled last year that didn't feel that those who disagreed with his political beliefs deserved to get a government contract. Amazingly, that didn't get him canned (and I'm still waiting for a mea culpa from the intrepid commenter who guaranteed that he would be, and I would have to eat crow.)

Well Alphonso is back in the news, and this one is not good. See, Mr. Jackson told Congress back in May, "I don't touch contracts." Well, that may not have exactly been the truth. One of his golfing buddies, a William Hairston, received a contract for almost half a million dollars for some HUD-related work in New Orleans.

Apparently, that sort of thing throws up red flags (why that would happen under this administration is beyond me), so multiple committees are investigating just how this Hairston guy was able to procure these contracts.

My guess is that this all just dies a quiet death. It's awful difficult to prove something like this, and it's a small enough scandal that it will probably just get lumped in as another piece of the Three Stooges Syndrome that has infected this administration.

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