Democrats Prepare for Storm

Local Democrats are preparing for the storm that is also known as the 2008 Presidential Election. They have reviewed the lessons of the past and are assembling a plan to beat the storm of 2008.

After the election of 2004 local progressives got together and took a look at what happened and made suggestions for what they could do better the next election. Since that time national and local Dems have worked at correcting some of those failings. This contributed to the success for Dems in 2006.

The DNC's 50 state strategy, a plan to allocate resources to states and areas where democrats have not typically been competitive. The 50 state strategy was implemented in Ohio with additional paid staff on the ground, but the biggest difference maybe the new voter file and interface implemented by Voter Activation Network (VAN).

VAN is a nationwide interface and voter file, providing greater cohesion from the local level up. Ohio hosted the first training for the entire national and state party partnership staff for the new system.

Local Democratic campaigns and Party officials have been working with the new system for a few months. They have also been putting together a plan to tackle the 2008 campaign locally. They will reveal some of their plan at the Perfect Storm program on Tuesday.

To get a peek of the new improved democratic plan and to be a part of the work force that will propel a Democrat into the White House and turn around the Nation come out Tuesday, 6:15 PM, 20th Century in Oakley. After the program join DL at the Oakley Pub, just steps away at 3924 Isabella.

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