Youtube scares republicans

I had no idea they were trying to do this, but CNN is trying to put together a Youtube-style debate for the republican presidential nominees, similar to the one that the Democrats participated in this past Monday. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. McCain and Ron Paul are the only candidates that have signed on so far.

Apparently Mitt Romney feels that it's beneath a presidential candidate to answer a question in this format, citing an example of one query about global warming posed by someone dresses as a snowman. Of course he had no problem holding up a sign associating Obama and Chelsea's moma (sic) with Osama bin Laden, but a question from the public is demeaning (as a sidelight to the signmaker, how do you not notice a misspelling that bad? Or did she just decide that she'd put too much work into the sign to just throw it away and start over?).

As Josh Marshall pointed out, there is a rich hypocrisy to the republican attitude towards this event. After railing against the Democrats for not wanting to debate on Fox Propaganda, they're now afraid to take questions from the electorate. If you can't face Youtube, how can you defeat the terrorists?

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