The "two more" whose nationality doesn't matter

AP is reporting that 7 soldiers were killed in an Afghan crash with the headline "5 Americans, 2 more die in Afghan crash." (In the fifth paragraph of the story, you finally learn that the two soldiers are from Britain and Canada.) To use very broad brush strokes, this is symptomatic of the way foreign news and foreigners are covered by American media. In not so subtle terms, the media tell you that American lives are worth more than those of others. Mind you, the "two more" in this case are not people from some remote country with which the US has no ties, these are NATO soldiers from America's allies in today's wars. And yet, they are just "two more."

But then, considering the general apathy in the US toward world news and events, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Contrast AP's headline with that from "Canadian among seven NATO soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan."

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