Inhaling the Blowback

OK, say you have extreme-drug-resistant tuberculosis. You're "advised" by the United States Government not to fly to your wedding in Europe, but you do anyway. When that same government tracks you down in Italy, they offer to fly you back to the United States on a private jet belonging to the Centers for Disease Control.

Do you believe them and turn yourself in?

Well, this fellow didn't.

Of couse, what he did was irresponsible. But could his reaction have been predicted? After all, this administration has a policy of indefinite detention without access to habeas corpus pleas for any "threats". (According to a CDC official on Talk of the Nation this afternoon, habeas pleas are the way you challenge a quarantine detention.)

So this administration has eroded the trust of its own citizens so much that we now face grave risks to public health.

Heck of a job, Georgie.

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