Shameless as ever

Our favorite senator, Hoe Lieberman, loves using his new-found leverage:
He has already used his leverage to help Republicans thwart efforts by Reid earlier this year to pass a resolution expressing opposition to President George W. Bush's plan to send 21,500 additional U.S. troops into Iraq. He has voted against his former party on every bill and every amendment demanding troop withdrawals this year.
Clearly, he is creaming his pants since he knows we need him to maintain a majority in the senate. It is also clear that he is angling for a VP-slot from John McCain or another Republican candidate:
The senator said his new-found independence may extend to presidential politics. In the interview, he said he is intrigued by talk of an independent candidate in the 2008 race. He also often praises Arizona Senator John McCain, a Republican contender and fellow war-supporter.
``It's quite possible I would support a Republican or independent,'' Lieberman said.
"Possible"? Don't you mean, "Hell, yes," Joe? Shameless.

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