The more things change, the more things don't change

I'm seriously amazed by this most recent poll by SurveyUSA. They have current Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher holding a 10 point advantage over former U.S. Representative Anne Northup going into today's republican primary.

Apparently the citizens of Kentucky (at least the republican ones) aren't as worried about corruption as I thought. After all, Fletcher is one of the most crooked politicians alive, and Northup was (at least I thought) a quite popular congresswoman that simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well if that's what the righties in Kentucky think, then more power to likely Dem nominee Steve Beshear, who should reap the benefits of any public distrust of Fletcher.

As I mentioned several months ago, it's a poorly kept secret that current U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell told Fletcher that, if he did not resign and re-sought election, he would not receive the party's support. I'll be curious to see what his reaction is in the coming months, though I'm sure he'll cave in and support the party when all is said and done.

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