Homophobia is a global family value

Who says the Russians don't have family values:
A gay rights demonstration in Moscow degenerated into violence for the second year running as right-wing and orthodox extremists attacked gay rights activists and supporters of the unauthorised demonstration.
Unsurprisingly, freepers back home are quite happy about the turn of events:
The Russians get one right ... (comment by clamper1797)

The young man about to throw the punch, deserves ai ice cold beer as a reward. (comment by pyx)

You would think they would learn by now.
I remember back during the Reagan-Gorbechev Moscow summit in I think 84, ACT-UP and imported a planeload of pansies to take advantage of the publicity for one of their infamous “kiss-ins”.
The demo lasted maybe 30 seconds before large numbers of Russian men swarmed over them and stomped the dog puke out of them.
CNN showed the take one time and I laughed my a$$ off. I tried to get set up to tape it the next time it showed but they dropped the clip.
Apparently the Ruskies have no intention of allowing PC to take over there. (comment by Ronin)

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people, cry me a river. (comment by CGTRWK)

just imagine, just a few years back, they couldn’t have found or purchased eggs to throw.:) (comment by americanbychoice3)

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