Dear Enquirer, fuck you, love, Zack

Is Ken Ham on the damned Enquirer payroll? Do we really need to see another front page article about the fucking creationism museum? It's like they're his best public relations consultant. Here's a novel concept: put items on the front page that are actually news!

I am still waiting for the Enquirer to put together some sort of explanation for how this whole "humans riding on dinosaurs thing" actually worked. Oh sure, they love to put that in every single article they write about the stupid place, but somehow they just can't be troubled to actually back it up. Hey, Enquirer, here's a novel fucking concept: don't allow yourselves to be used as a mouthpiece and actually do some reporting!

And here's another idea: call this thing what it is - an amusement park, not a museum. Museums are supposed to promote learning; this travesty is nothing more than a vessel with which to push the creationist viewpoint. The fact that people might actually use this to make an "informed" decision on the validity of evolution is just plain horrifying. As a public service, the least anyone can do is not to refer to it as a museum in any way, shape, or form.

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