You have absolutely got to be kidding me

You know, I found it repulsive when veterans shunned John Kerry worse than Dwight Schrute shuns Andy Bernard (err...Drew Bernard) in the 2004 presidential campaign. How in the world they could make the connection that a three-tour veteran of Vietnam and a purple heart recipient is somehow unpatriotic is beyond me; meanwhile a man that at the very least (and this is setting the bar very low) has serious gaps in his service history and got out of his service earlier so he could go to graduate school is considered more worthy of their praise, respect, and vote?

But this is unbelievable. A three-time purple heart recipient, Bill Thomas, decided to award one of his hearts to president Bush? Because he feels like the verbal assaults on him are every bit as dangerous as the physical dangers that soldiers went through?

Are you fucking serious? Mr. Thomas is honoring a man that showed little, if any, commitment to the armed forces, could in some circles be viewed as a deserter, and uses the current troops as nothing more than political pawns. This is an affront to every soldier that earned their awards putting themselves in harm's way to defend their country. If I was one of them, I think I'd pull Mr. Thomas aside and try and explain to him how horrible of an idea this was.

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