Banks, banks, banks!

In the spirit of Bill Maher...

New Rule: until The Banks is completed, you don't get to talk about it anymore. Enough already! How long has this been going on, six, eight, ten years? How many iterations of this project have occurred? I'm sick and tired of hearing every six months about some new plan that wil just move this thing forward, but then it gets derailed by something minor, like no money, or no plan. Call me when the pile of dirt has actually been built into something. Until then, shut your traps.

Though I did enjoy this line from Reds' CEO Bob Castellini, who is the chairman of the Banks Working Group (whatever that is): "we're rounding third and heading for home". Yes, you are. One problem: the catcher has the ball in his hands, and your only hope of scoring is if that catcher is David Ross, so he can drop the ball.

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