America would be vulnerable with Giuliani

Hey Giuliani you think you’re a hero cause you didn't go hide in an undisclosed location, as George W. Bush did on 9/11 as the country was under attack? Well I ask you to tell the real story!

During your muckraking spin tour of New Hampshire why didn't you tell the electorate that you were the cause of the emergency responders not being able to communicate on 9/11.

Yeah, it's interesting how you have selective memory. Remember when it was recommended that the antenna for emergency responders be moved off the World Trade Center? Remember how you didn't do it? Remember how the antenna fell a few hours after the World Trade Center was attacked on 9 11???

The final report of the 9-11 commission similarly noted that the New York City Office of Emergency Management's "headquarters was located at 7 WTC. Some questioned locating it both so close to a previous terrorist target and on the 23rd floor of a building (difficult to access should elevators become inoperable). There was no backup site."

It was at the top of the vulnerability list, that his own police department prepared!

In 1997 and in '98 his own police commissioner, Howard Safir, went to a meeting of the top officials of the Giuliani administration and called it ground zero. He did that because it had already been attacked.

So Mr. Giuliani I recommend that America would be vulnerable if you were in charge.

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