Did anyone else feel the same way that I did after hearing about yesterday's supposedly thwarted plot to blow up a mall in Rockford, Illinois? Every time I hear about something like this, my first reaction is to say "let's wait a couple weeks and let things settle out before I decide how worried I am about it".

This is all on the White House administration. They're the ones that shove every arrest related to an even slightly possible (like 0.01%) terrorist plot, and we get all worked up over it, and then two weeks later we find out that the only incriminating evidence against them is a Koran and a Super Soaker. So now we just ignore these events when they happen. And (hopefully not) eventually, there'll be a real scare, and we'll all be looking the other way, because they've completely desensitized us to terrorism for nothing more than political purposes.
Come to think of it, I had the same feeling about hurricanes for a long time, because news networks gushed breathlessly about every impending one (think CNN's Rick Sanchez in the wind tunnel), and then they all died out before they got to land. How'd that all work out last year?

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