Sticking it to Kim-Jong Il where it hurts

Fine, you want to go off and build a nuclear bomb? Go ahead! But just for that, we're not letting you buy any more of our plasma TV's! Or Segways! You hear that, no more French cognac! And if you want the new All-American Rejects single you will just have to go on iTunes and spend the 99 cents to download it yourself! And don't expect to get the "uncorked" version of DVD's anymore, you will watch the theatrical release and you will like it! You hear that K-Jong? Suck on that one bitch!

Here's the most surprising thing in the article: we're being threatened with nuclear armageddon by a guy who owns a DVD of The Bodyguard (you remember, Iiiiiiiiiiiiii Will Always Love Youuuuuuuuuuuu, before we knew how crazy Whitney was - and she's always been crazy, we just chose to ignore it). He can't even blame that one on an old girlfriend that had to have it, because that came out well before DVD's were available. He actually had to think that one through and procure it within the past several years. No impulse buy excuse there.

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